Immigration is a very complex area of law.  MC & J is a great choice for you immigration needs. In many instances, Immigration law is directly tied to events that happened in the criminal justice system. MC & J gives you expertise in both the immigration context and the criminal context. This ensures that no matter the situation you receive the best possible outcome. 

The Process of becoming a citizen can be convoluted. MC & J can guide you through the application process. Additionally, we will accompany you to the Interview to give you the best chance to be granted U.S. Citizenship. 

  • Form N 400
  • Form N 600
  • Obtaining Proof of Citizenship
  • Dual Citizenship
  • Legal Permanent Resident 

MC & J will help with the Visa application process to ensure that you get the appropriate visa. MC & J can also help with visa renewals and extensions. 

  • K-1 Marriage Visas
  • Employment Visas  and Green Cards
  •  Lottery Visas 
  •  Investor Visas and Green cards

If you are facing deportation, but also face credible dangers if you are returned to your birth country, you may be eligible for Asylum which would allow you to stay in the United States. Contact MC & J to determine if this is a path for you. 

If you qualify for withholding of removal, it is an avenue to stay in the US despite deportation proceedings. Please contact us to determine if you are eligible for this remedy. 

There are many criminal defense attorneys that do not have an expertise in criminal law. That Attorney may have told you to plea to a charge which would make you deportable. Many times there are criminal cases from nearly 20 years ago that will make an immigrant deportable. Many times we can work with the State to plea you to the charge that you should have plead to in he first place! This can be fixed. MC & J will work toward getting your record to a state that will keep you from being deportable.  

If you have plead to a criminal case that has rendered you deportable, it is possible that you have vacate your plea. This would withdraw your plea and may present an avenue to fight deportation.

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