Video Games, Music, and Digital Media

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Video Games

Sean has been playing games since he was a Kid. He started with the N64 and now has All three current major consoles. Sean spends the evenings he is not working playing anything from NBA 2k19 to Red Dead Redemption 2 to Octodad. That passion for the medium is what makes MC & J the correct choice for your needs. Our Firm can handle the obstacles that you will face. 

There are many items that you will want an experienced video game attorney to review or draft. Some examples of these Items MC & J can help with are: 

Employment Agreements

Publishing Agreements

Licensing Agreements 

Copyright Registration 

Trademark Registration 

Business Formation 

Joint Venture/Strategic Alliance Agreement 

Currently, MC and J Law represents the Tampa Association of Gaming as in-house counsel! 

Music and Entertainment

In addition to video games, Sean has been involved with music since the 8th grade. Sean first began singing when he was in the 8th grade. His friend dared him to enter the talent show, and he did. Sean has not stopped singing since that day. when he was in college his mother purchased him a professional microphone and sound board. Since that time Sean recorded his own album in his home and distributed it utilizing various free online distributors. Sean personally filed the copyright for his music to ensure that it was protected. Our firm understands where you are coming from because our Attorneys have been in the same situations. This ability to relate is invaluable and leads to a meaningful working relationship. Take a Listen to some of the songs that Sean has made!

As you can see our firm understands the medium in ways that most firms cannot and that understanding is what makes MC & J Law a great choice for your music and entertainment needs.  MC & J can help with the legal aspects as well as the business aspects such as marketing and promotion.

Digital Media & Content Creators

The internet has created infinite creative freedom. The ability to place creations on the web has changed the legal field.  MC & J law can help with those changes.  MC & J Law will help protect you from the growing obstacle course.  Streamers, Youtubers, and vloggers face many legal issues as well as large business decisions. MC & J law is prepared to help with protecting your creation, looking into sponsorship opportunities, reviewing contract provisions and much more!

Sean is currently a Twitch affiliate. You can fin his channel here:


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